About Me

My animation adventure started around the kitchen table rolling D20s and crafting characters for Dungeons and Dragons. Diving into the world of role playing games has given me the opportunity to expand my artistic talents and truly bring my characters to life by acting, designing, and animating them. When I began to run my own sessions that I’ve planned for my friends and I, I found that it rooted a deep passion for storytelling and birthed my love of animation because animation would allow me to do all the things I did as a player but for the enjoyment of others. Being apart of a party and running campaigns has taught me how to lead a team toward a common goal and how to work with others, utilizing our strengths, to the gold in the dragon’s lair. I’m passionate and dedicated to personal growth and can’t wait to be a part of a creative team.


Hi! I’m Luke, an intrepid artist and writer on my way to carving out my name into animation history. I’ve grown up and lived in California my whole life, growing up only minutes away from the birthplace of animation and filming: Hollywood. I’ve dreamed of bringing my stories to the screen since I was young, which has only grown into a passion by watching such amazing shows and compelling movies throughout my life. From Dave Filoni’s Star Wars: the Clone Wars Animated series to Cartoon Network’s Avatar the Last Airbender, I grew up surrounded by characters I could connect with and who helped me become the person I am today. I now seek to give others the experience I had growing up: characters who are passionate about what they believe in, fighting villains who are equally imposing- adventures in far off places and mysteries in dank caves with ancient runes that glow in the dark. I can’t wait to bring the stories that I’ve only seen in my dreams to life, and help others do the same!